Level 2 – Award in Introduction to Personal Finance (RQF)


Financial eLearning’s Innovative Finance Essentials course contains everything that you wanted to know about finance but had never been taught.

A perfect start for all your personal finance needs, from opening a bank account to mortgages and pensions


Our Finance Essentials course is split into a series of short high-impact videos, support documents and quizzes that all tackle different elements of personal finance. Finance Essentials will help you to improve your finances by managing your money and getting better deals to make your money go further.

Guided learning hours 46

MODULE 1 – Introduction into personal finance

MODULE 2 – Credit cards, Loans and debt

MODULE 3 – Savings, Mortgages and Pensions

MODULE 4 – Budgeting

MODULE 5 – Interest and Credit

MODULE 6 – Bank accounts | Bank statements

MODULE 7 – Payslips and taxes

MODULE 8 – Government benefits


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