With over 30 years’ experience in Trading Financial markets and teaching students, we know first-hand that many people find trading and finance complicated, or simply don’t know where to start. It is for this reason we specifically developed our Level 3&5 Certificate in Financial Trading.

It is the ONLY online course where you can learn at your own pace and take the exam in the comfort of your own home(albeit under strict exam guidelines set out by OFQUAL)

With our experienced traders available for Skype calls during the day, you can chat and discuss any difficult sections of the course until you fully understand the content and its implications.


Our courses can open doors for candidates who are either looking for improvement in existing skills, or for people thinking about a career in finance and trading.

Our Level 3 and Level 5 Financial Trading SKILLSFIRST Accredited courses are the only SKILLSFIRST certified courses of its kind. They will teach you all the knowledge and methodology of how the markets work, the types of institutions, the people who trade them and the techniques used to build a solid knowledge base to be able to improve your existing career in finance, or get on your way to finding the next opportunity in your life.

Financial eLearning are passionate regarding its commitment to offer more comprehensive financial awareness and financial knowledge for today’s school leaver. That coupled with a demand from leavers to better understand how to maintain their personal wellbeing, led us to creating online course knowledge and support, filling the void created by school curriculum.

Now is the perfect time to learn personal finance skills. Students will very soon begin to make their own decisions regarding their own money for the first time. Our course materials will enable students to quickly learn about personal finance and how to use this new knowledge in the real world.

Our Financial education courses teach students the basics of money management: budgeting, saving, debt, investing, and giving. This knowledge lays a foundation for students to build good, strong fiscal habits early on and avoid many of the mistakes that lead to lifelong money struggles.

Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life. Past experiences, attitudes and outlook can all impact wellbeing, as can physical or emotional trauma following specific incidents.

Our wellbeing courses have been designed with this in mind and our easy to follow course materials and videos will increase a person’s opportunity, knowledge and choices in life, as well as promoting mental health and wellbeing as a core value in education. These courses help students to develop protective factors from mental ill-health and provide them with the skills and the confidence to self-seek the highest levels of life satisfaction.


These L3 & L5 Accredited programmes have been designed to develop candidates into independent proprietary trading professionals who wish to pursue a full-time trading career, pursue a career in finance, or simply have an extra source of income from trading at home. Initially, the trainee will be introduced to the global financial futures markets and acquire a broad overview across a wide range of different trading strategies, such as outright trading, spreads trading and arbitrage used across the FX, Fixed Income, Equities and Commodities markets.



These L1 & L2 qualifications have been developed to meet the needs of learners, who wish to gain a knowledge and understanding of the principles of saving and borrowing money, sources of income and expenditure, the need to manage income and expenditure, financial products, different forms of pay and how to budget your finances.

The range of modules contained in these qualifications allow you to learn, develop and practise the financial skills required for life. This qualification will also prove invaluable towards your own personal and professional career development.


These qualifications have been designed to make learners aware of the principles of personal well-being and the ways of maintaining it. They also explore the impact of positive behaviour, healthy-eating, mindfulness and meditation on mental well-being.

The range of modules contained in this qualification allow the learner to understand the need to make connections with others, to be physically active, receive continual learning and to provide generosity and support to others.



All of our courses are 100% online and can be taken in the comfort of your own home.

It is the only online learning system that cannot be cheated or manipulated and, is in itself, an accredited system meeting the strict guidelines set by awarding organisations regulated by Ofqual.